Our work platforms

OMME 1500 EX (15 m)
153.00 €/Day + VAT (29.07 €)
107.10 €/Day + VAT (20.35 €)
Deposit: 500.00 €
15.00Working height, m
8.50Horizontal reach, m
230.00Lift capacity
OMME 1830 EX (18.30 m)
195.00 €/Day + VAT (37.05 €)
136.50 €/Day + VAT (25.94 €)
Deposit: 500.00 €
18.30Working height, m
10.20Horizontal reach, m
200.00Lift capacity
OMME 2300 EX (22.60 m)
239.00 €/Day + VAT (45.41 €)
167.30 €/Day + VAT (31.79 €)
Deposit: 1000.00 €
22.60Working height, m
12.70Horizontal reach, m
200.00Lift capacity
Versalift VTA-38-135-H (13.60m)
206.00 €/Day + VAT (39.14 €)
144.20 €/Day + VAT (27.40 €)
Deposit: 1000.00 €
13.60Working height
6.40Horizontal Reach
230.00Lifting Capacity
Versalift VTL-39-140-F (13.90 m)
261.00 €/Day + VAT (49.59 €)
182.70 €/Day + VAT (34.71 €)
Deposit: 1000.00 €
13.90Working height
8.50Horizontal Reach
230.00Lifting Capacity
Versalift VTX-240
289.00 €/Day + VAT (54.91 €)
202.30 €/Day + VAT (38.44 €)
Deposit: 1000.00 €
24.20Working height
12.50Horizontal Reach
220.00Lifting Capacity
RUTHMANN TBR 260 (26m)
309.00 €/Day + VAT (58.71 €)
216.30 €/Day + VAT (41.10 €)
Deposit: 1000.00 €
26.00Working height
17.00Horizontal Reach
250.00Lifting Capacity
RUTHMANN TB 270 (27m)
329.00 €/Day + VAT (62.51 €)
230.30 €/Day + VAT (43.76 €)
Deposit: 1000.00 €
27.00Working height
18.10Horizontal Reach
250.00Lifting Capacity
RUTHMANN TB 290 (28.8 m)
349.00 €/Day + VAT (66.31 €)
244.30 €/Day + VAT (46.42 €)
Deposit: 1000.00 €
28.80Working height
16.20Horizontal Reach
230.00Lifting Capacity

Why with us?

You decide - we deliver or you pick up

We rent within a radius of up to 100km.

State-of-the-art equipment technology

For your safety, we rely on renowned manufacturers with many years of expertise in height access technology. Our devices are technically state-of-the-art and can be used immediately.

Product variety

You will find all the equipment necessary for high-altitude work with us. We rent equipment to both individuals and legal entities.


Are there detailed instructions on how to use the rental equipment?

Before issuing each lift, our mechanics will show you all the features of the lift and how to use it.

When do I have to return the rental equipment?

The equipment must be returned by 10:00 a.m. on the next working day (after which this is considered a new rental day).

What happens if the rental device fails?

If the device fails, you should inform your supervisor of the failure as quickly as possible or, if possible, return the device to Turmservice.de GmbH. Depending on the complexity of the situation, the equipment can be replaced with the same or similar, or a mechanic can be sent to the site to carry out repairs at the lift workplace. The person who checked the device will determine whether the fault is due to the fault of the customer and in the event of any damage caused by the customer, it will be determined and the customer will have to pay for it at his own expense.

Do you have to pay for the fuel you use?

All self-propelled lifts are issued with a full tank and must also be returned with a full tank. If the lift is returned with an empty tank, an additional fee for the actual fuel used will be added to the rental invoice plus a service fee based on the price set by Turmservice.de GmbH.

After renting the equipment, do you have to pay for weekends and holidays?

We do not charge equipment rental on weekends and public holidays. However, all work platforms are equipped with special devices that record lift activations, deactivations and operating times. All days on which the equipment is used will be charged at the standard daily rental rate, or on an hourly basis at 1/8 of the respective daily rate for the respective work platform.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

Both a deposit and a deposit are required. The amount of the down payment and the deposit is determined after checking the customer’s creditworthiness. The deposit can be paid in cash, by credit card or by bank transfer (after paying the full invoice, the cash deposit will be refunded in cash immediately upon return of the equipment, the credit card reservation will be canceled and the deposit will be refunded by bank transfer within 1-2 business days).

Which rental conditions apply to legal and natural persons?

Natural people:

When renting for the first time, an inventory rental agreement is concluded;

The renter must present a valid ID;

The tenant signs consent to verify personal data in the Credit Info system;

A deposit will be required prior to renting the equipment for any damage to the equipment, fuel used and not refilled, and related services.

Legal entities:

An equipment rental agreement is concluded between Turmservice.de GmbH and the company.

The equipment rental agreement must be signed by the company’s director or an authorized person.

Rent a work platform: The key to efficiency and safety

Working at heights can be a demanding task, be it in the construction industry, bridge maintenance, telecommunications and solar systems, the artistic sector and many other areas, right up to private use. In such cases, a work platform is often indispensable. But why should you buy a work platform when you can simply rent one? In this article, you will learn why renting a work platform can be a smart decision.

A work platform is a lifting device that is used to safely transport people and materials to a height. There are different types of boom lifts, including scissor lifts, telescopic boom lifts, truck lifts, articulated boom lifts, crawler boom lifts, and more. a.. Each type has its specific areas of application and advantages.

Why rent instead of buy?

Cost Savings – Buying a work platform is very expensive, especially if you only need it occasionally. Renting offers a cost-effective alternative as you only pay for the period of use. You avoid high acquisition costs and can use your budget for other projects.

Flexibility – You can rent different types of work platforms depending on your needs without being tied to a specific machine.

Safety and Efficiency – Aerial platforms are equipped with safety devices to prevent accidents. By renting a work platform, you ensure that you are always up to date with the latest safety technology and that your employees are protected.

When renting a work platform, it is important to know the exact requirements of the project for the work platform so that the right work platform is used.

Scissor lifts are ideal for working indoors or on flat terrain. They offer a stable platform, amazing working height and high load capacity.

Telescopic boom lifts are ideal when you need to reach great heights. They are flexible and easy to maneuver.

Truck work platforms are available with different structures so that they can be used in a variety of outdoor areas.

The supplier market for work platforms is large. In addition to a wide selection of devices, they offer professional advice. Online platforms allow you to rent work platforms from the comfort of your own home. You can compare prices and choose the best option for your project.

Before you rent a work platform, there are a few important factors you should consider.

Make sure the work platform you rent offers the required height and reach for your project. Consider the type of terrain on which the aerial platform will be used. Rough terrain may require special platforms. Calculate your budget and choose a work platform that suits your financial limits.

The rental process is usually simple. You choose the work platform you want, agree on the rental period and delivery dates, and you’re ready to go. Most rental companies also take care of setting up and maintaining the stage.

Safety is top priority! Make sure your employees are trained and certified to operate the aerial platform safely. Regular maintenance and inspection ensure that the platform functions properly and prevent accidents.

The world of work platforms is constantly evolving. Some future trends are:

Automation: In the future, work platforms could be increasingly automated, further increasing efficiency and safety.

Connectivity: Aerial platforms could increasingly be connected to enable remote monitoring and diagnosis of problems.

Sustainability: The industry is working to develop more environmentally friendly work platforms that use less energy and have lower emissions.

Conclusion Renting a work platform is a smart decision for companies and organizations that need to work safely and efficiently at heights. It offers cost-effective solutions, a wide range of stage types and the peace of mind that safety is guaranteed.